Overseas Admission(Foreign Admission)

In this cut throat competition,every student needs an edge in terms of education and career to stay at the fore front.EduOrg providing Indian students a stage to compete with foreign students in different universitiesaround the world.

We are an Event Managment company with expertise in education counseling advising students on educational and career related issues,arranging Asmissions and Jobs around the world in different Universities and companies.

With the concept of CUSTOMERS ARE THE FOUNDATION OG GROWTH.EduOrg provides a one stop solution to its customers.EduOrg provides many services.We are openeing a new slot in our compnay which provides Indian students to go outside India and study in their dream colleges and countries.And when it comes to counseling we believe that

                                                    YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR JOB

EduOrg provides services in England,European countries,China,Latavia,Canada,Germany,Malaysia & Singapore in courses like Engineering,M.S (M.Tech),MBA and etc...



♦ Passport is required

♦ Advance payment of 2 lac rupees

♦ Marksheet copy required.Then the candidate will choose the college or university within our list.

♦ Then we will contact that university and tell them to send us Offer letter for the student.

♦ After that we make DD or online payment of a given amount provided by the university.

♦ Than we will provide the 2nd offer letter of that particular university.After this offer letter the candidate can apply for education loan or any other documents for that matter.

♦ After that we will give the candidate a list of some documents which will be going to be submitting in an Embassy.

♦ After submitting the documents in Embassy it will take six to seven weeks for visa ( Maximum time)

♦ The candidate will be receiving the receipt for the payment.



1. Bucks New University                                          Engineering

2. Bedforshire University                                         Engineering

3. Univeristy of West london                                   Engineering,London near south lake

4. Middlesex University                                            Peterborough, MBA, ENGG

5. City University                                                        London, MBA,ENGG

6. University of Central Lancashire                        Preston,Near Manchester, MBA,ENGG

7. University of Sunderland                                      Sunderland,London campus, MBA, ENGG

8. Swansea  University                                              Swansea, MBA,ENGG

9. Queen Mary University of London                        London, MBA, ENGG

10.Brunel University                                                    London, MBA,ENGG                                  AND MORE.......

♦ Germany

1. University of Applied Sciences. Brandeburg,state university. About 80 kms from centre of Berlin

2. Technical University of Applied Sciences. Wildau, state university. About 50 kms from centre of Berlin

3. Brandeburg University of technology. Cottbus, state university. About 150 kms from centre of Berlin

4. University of Applied Sciences. Neubrandenburg, state university. About 200 kms from centre of Berlin

5. University of Applied Sciences. Merseburg, state university. About 200 kms from centre of Berlin      AND MORE..........

Central Germany

1. Diploma University of Applied Sciences Bad Sooden Allendrof (Bad sooden-Allendrof) Northern University

2. Kid University of Applied Sciences (Kiel)

3. Nuremburg Institue of technology (Nuremburg) Western Germany

4.Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg (Western Germany Freiburg)

5. South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences (Maschede)             AND MORE............

List of State Universities

Candidates can study after the language and preparatory programs.

♦ State of Brandenburg     ♦ Technical University of Cottbus  ♦ European University in Frankfurt order   ♦ University of Potsdam

♦ Stateof Mecklenburg Vorpommern

♦ University of Greifswald  ♦ University of Rostock   ♦ University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg

♦ State of Sachsen

♦ University of Techonology Chemntiz  ♦ University of technology Dersden  ♦ University of Apllied Sciences Dresden

University of Sachsen - Anhalt

♦ University of Halle-wittenberg  ♦ University of Magdeburg  ♦ University of Applied sciences Anhalt

State of Thuringen

♦ University of Erfurt   ♦ Technical University IImenau  ♦ University of Jena


Medical colleges.

1. Poltava Ukrainian Medial and Dental University (Ukranian State Stomata Logical Academy)

2. Lvano Frankirsh Natioanl Medical University

3.Kharkiv National Medical Univeristy

4. Donetsk National Medical university

5. Bokavino State Medical University            

Courese : General Medicine,Pediatries,Dentistry  AND MORE.......

We are working with the universities which are recognised by World Health Organisation WHO ,I-Med School, Medical Council of India MCI, Medical Council of Nepal, USMLE ( for US only) and European Universitites Association And lots of others Universities in different countries.

For Bachelor

1.Kharkiv National University of Aerospace (Aeronautical Studies,Aerospace,Hotel Managment and many more.)

2.Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics (computer,Electrical,BBA,MBA,Biomedical,Economics,Electronics)

3.Kharkiv National University of Food and Trade (Hotel and Tourism,Hotel managment,Business Administration&Economics,International Economics,Food Technology)

 CHINA (Medical Universities) Approved by MCI/WHO

1.  JIAMUSI Universities,            Near Beijing

2. QUINGDAO Universities,      Quingdeo city,Near Shanghai

3. CHONGQING University,       Chonging city,Near Beijing

4. DALIAN Medical University,    Dalian city, Near Beijing

5. HEBEI Medical University,      Shijozhaug city, Near Beijing

6. China Medical University,       Sheyang city, Near Beijing

7. HUAZHONG University of science & technology, HUST Near Shanghai









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